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Firestone and Robertson TX Straight Bourbon Tawny Port Finish 750ml
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Firestone and Robertson TX Straight Bourbon Tawny Port Finish


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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Texas
Brand Firestone and Robertson
Proof 101.60
Nose: Toasted Caramel, Baked Apple, Sweet Smoke, Honey, Cinnamon. Taste: Chocolate, Baking Spices, Apricot, Maple Syrup. TX Straight Bourbon Tawny Port Finish is created by taking fully matured 4-year-old TX Straight Bourbon and finishing it for 6 months in Tawny Port casks. Port is a red wine that is typically sweet, and the Tawny style is specifically known to possess rich caramel and nutty flavors. These casks came to us from the very birthplace of Port-all the way from Douro Valley in Portugal. Made from French White Oak-and specifically the oak species Quercus robur-these casks were used to age Tawny Port for 10 years before they were finally emptied and sent to our distillery. When we received these casks, it had been merely 4 weeks since the last drops of Tawny Port had been harvested. This brief timeline allowed for the port's expressions to remain locked in the oak. As our bourbon rested in these casks for 6 months, i picked up rich flavors of fig, toffee, and toasted nuts, ultimately evolving into our beautiful Tawny Port Finish.

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